Car Interior Expert Cleaner

This foam cleaner can magically make your car interiors & home appliance look brand new!


Car Interior Cleaner brings you back brand new, clean & fresh car interior-just like the day you bought it.!

It has a very rich foam, no sticky hands and easy to clean.

It REMOVES stuck-on dirt, dust, fingerprints and any uwanted stain while leaving a non-greasy, matte finish.

It also contains superior UV protection that prevent fading, decolorating and cracking from harmful UV rays that last for 3 monrhs.

powerful cleaning foam.

This preminm water-base formula applies foam Expansion technology that effectively clean and protects all interior surface like car engines, steering wheels, dashboards, door panels, etc. quickly and easily with powerful cleaning foam.


.Clean any surface: Works on any material including fabric, canvas, finished leather, PVC, glass, vinyl. plastic, rubber, metals, wood, gel coat, fiberglass, etc.


.Anti-UV protective coating: Protects against fading, discoloration and cracking from harmful UV rays.


.Rinse-Free formula: Water-based cleaner only needs water to transform cleaning solution in foam form, No rinsing is required after cleaning


.100% Non-toxic & grease-free: Removes stuck-on dirt and leaves no non-greasy,dry & matte finish with no odor that lasts for ~ 3 months. 100% free of greas-producing silicoe oils and petroleum distillates..


.Safe on all interior surfaces: Safe on all interior surfaces including steering wheel, stereos, dashboards, door panels, center consoles and more.


  1. Directly spray the interior cleaner on the desired area.
  2. Use a towel or sponge to wipe untill the stain is removed
  3. No rinsing is required, just wipe aay the foam with a towel after cleaning
  4. It does not harm car interior.
I doubted this product when i first saw it but i was amazed how it worked like magic, is literally transformed my car interior, it was as if i got a new car, this product is simply amazing.
Femi Olawole
Lagos state
my greatest joy about this product is that it is multipurpose, we use it for car interior, our kitchen sink, pots and even for shoes.... I strongly recommend the product.
Mohamed aliyu
kaduna state
This foam cleaner is everything I ever wanted. it cleared all the dirt in my kitchen sink and toilet too very easily. it works is a very great product.
John Duke